About Us

All GMGlobalConnect business partners are linked through the GMGlobalConnect login page. It’s not available to everyone, however this account may be used at many GM dealerships across the world. Previously, GM’s dealerships were spread across six regional portals; however, the company has consolidated them all into one one central location.

The goal of this portal is to make the lives of the dealers that sell GM products across the world easier. This login account is a tangible manifestation of General Motors’ accountability for the distribution and promotion of its products.


In 2008, the GMGlobalConnect portal was launched to replace the previous six portals used by GM dealers. This online hub provides distributors with complete visibility into all aspects of their operations. With just a few mouse clicks after logging into this web portal account, you may do a lot.

GM has provided dealers with the tools they need to maintain communications and efficiently conduct their operations. This dealer site includes everything a dealer needs to succeed: the ability to order automobiles, make warranty claims, track deliveries, view statistics, and learn about forthcoming goods, news, and exclusive deliveries.


As GM expanded and increased, so did the size and number of its dealerships. As a result, traffic became unbearable and the antiquated portals could no longer keep up. In under two years, GM’s North American car sales, service, and marketing team built a whole new gateway for their customers.

This platform was unveiled for the first time in its whole at the 2008 National Automobile Dealers Association Convention on February 9th. In order to facilitate communication between GM and its dealers in the United States and 90 other countries, this site was developed. Using this gateway, dealing with General Motors is a breeze for dealers.