GMIN & Global Connect ID

If you are a distributor or an employee of General Motors, you can access GmGlobalConnect, the company’s official intranet. More than 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America are served by GmGlobalConnect right now.

General Motors employees may use their company portal at, much like the site that Kroger uses. Sales representatives and dealers for General Motors can sign up for a login account at any time, from any location, and browse all available jurisdictions.


The site allows users to track their progress and improve their output. Numerous government entities can take advantage of the GMGlobalConnect portal’s wealth of information. The portal’s reports on delivery, car orders, warranty claims, and other perks may all be viewed by users.

GMGlobalConnect – GMIN and Global Connect ID

You’ll find a detailed explanation of the distinction between the GMIN ID and the Global Connect ID down below.

  • Each individual who interacts with General Motors is assigned a unique nine-digit GMIN that can be shared with authorised third parties. To the right of your username, we’ll show your GMIN. The Reseller Partner Security Coordinator is responsible for generating all necessary credentials for reseller staff members (PSC). When a reseller first login into Global Connect and visits the “Edit My Profile” page, a GMIN is automatically allocated to that user.
  • Each GMIN is associated with a unique GlobalConnect ID. As a result, if an owner were to give out their ID to a friend or family member, that person would be able to access the owner’s GM training data and complete transactions including reporting car deliveries, filing warranty claims, and taking part in incentive programmes.

Visit the Feedback page for assistance if you’re having trouble with GMGlobalConnect. Additional resources for General Motors’ workers are available at GMGlobalConnect (