Login Problem

The GMGlobalConnect site is available to GM dealerships, where several services may be accessed. The goal of General Motors’ Dealer Portal account is to facilitate efficient business operations for GM’s dealer network.


The GMGlobalConnect portal consolidates resources for GM dealerships worldwide. You may find the following information useful if you are experiencing trouble accessing the portal.

GMGlobalConnect Login Problems

In case you have any issues login into your account, please refer to this handy tutorial.

  • Get a stable and working Internet connection. Due to this, timeouts and other issues may occur unexpectedly.
  • Passwords and user names are case sensitive, so make sure Capslock is on.
  • You should know that your computer may use a combination of criteria to provide you access to your gateway. These are also facilitated by the accumulated junk data in your browser. This means you need to clear the cookies and cache in your browser before reassessing your gateway.
  • Take care to enter data accurately. If a password is required to see the content, it should be used. Your password is safe from prying eyes unless they happen to be standing right next to you.
  • It’s also possible that you’ve forgotten your password and can’t access our site for that reason. Prior to logging into your account, you must first update your password.
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari on iOS are examples of browsers we know to be both compatible and dependable, and we advise using them.
  • In the event that none of the above solutions work, consider accessing the portal in a private/anonymous browsing session.

Contact General Motors Customer Service if you continue to have trouble logging in.