Rules & Regulations

Through the GMGlobalConnect login account site, all GMGlobalConnect business partners may communicate with one another. It’s not available to everyone, however this account may be used at many GM dealerships across the world. General Motors decided to construct a hub to bring all dealers together under one roof after realising they had six separate portals dealing with various sections of the world.


The goal of this portal is to make the lives of the dealers that sell GM products across the world easier. In order to gain access, you first register as a reseller and then obtain the login credentials from the reseller administrator.

The portal provides access to work-related information that might help you perform better. Also, the official portal provides several prospects for agencies all around the world. You have complete say over both your professional and personal actions at General Motors. Using the GMGlobalConnect platform, you may complete a transaction with no need for financial intermediaries.

GMGlobalConnect Rules & Regulations

  • When making an account, you must submit information that is both true and comprehensive.
  • It is your primary duty to keep your account password secure and to take full responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. There should be no delay in informing the CEO of any security breach or suspicious activity related to your account.
  • If someone else uses your account without your permission and causes you financial harm, GM will not compensate you. However, you might be held responsible for any damages that General Motors or other parties incur as a consequence of your misuse of their intellectual property.
  • In addition, unless GM has given its written consent, you will not use, reproduce, or distribute any of the content in this material in any way that is not expressly authorised by GM. This includes, but is not limited to, using, reproducing, or distributing any information obtained through the website for commercial purposes.
  • If a user breaches these terms of service, GM may, at its sole discretion, cancel the user’s access to this website.
  • It’s possible that the site will provide access to external websites that GM has no control over. General Motors is not accountable for the material, privacy policies, or actions of such websites.