Dealers and employees of General Motors can access their GM accounts using a secure site called GMGlobalConnect.


All GM workers may quickly access their accounts on GMGlobalConnect to read the company’s code of conduct and latest developments.

GMGlobalConnect Services

Machines: GM Global Solutions designs, manufactures, and distributes automated check-out lanes and stocked display cases to shops worldwide. They provide a large selection of cutting-edge instruments that may be used in many different fields.

Tobacco: Our variety of snack vending machines is widely recognised as a leading authority in the tobacco distribution industry, with products suited to a wide variety of settings, including shops selling tobacco products, hotels, motels, supermarkets, convenience stores, general stores, and more.

Box delivery including an offer on one of the machines programmed in one of our regions to enhance warehouse management and security is another suggestion for online merchants. Self-managed stands, which are placed on the market voluntarily, work together as an advertising platform to sustain clientele and boost impulsive contracts.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a new category of high-demand, innovative defensive equipment management tools in today’s businesses and medical facilities. Its flexible, lightweight design makes it suitable for either a single article or a whole book.

To the pharmaceutical community, he is pleased to provide another another proposal from a company that distributes both regular and alternative medicines around the clock.

This cutting-edge machine is the perfect solution for airports, bus and railway stations, hotels, and pharmacies because to its sleek, modern appearance and cutting-edge features.

Distribute a wide variety of products with the UD, which is first and foremost a worldwide management machine and the newest building design from GM Global Solutions.

Coffee: Their extensive participation in the development, manufacture, and marketing of espresso machines enables them to provide specially suited facilities for on-site conferences, off-site events, and overnight stays.

Kiosk: Kiosk KSS is an independent business terminal for the distribution of goods or the management of resources such as instructional materials for many different fields. Convenience, courtesy, accessibility, and ease of obtaining tickets and transportation.

Refill: GM Global Solutions provides a selection of freestanding retail terminals to distribute rechargeable phone cards and other goods.

Distribution kiosks make it simple to give out updated software or new instructions for existing applications. For a limited period, the delivery terminal can be used to insert advertising or news stories. The commercial is delivered through USB drive, broadband Internet connection, or dedicated website. Video or still photographs of large groups of people can be used in advertising.